What is Chinese Language?

Chinese Language, literally, spoken by Chinese community all around the world. It’s the official language in Mainland China and Taiwan, also widely used in Singapore and Malaysia.

What is Mandarin Chinese?

The generally known Chinese, in fact, is Mandarin Chinese. As China is a really huge country, there are a lot of Chinese dialects/ languages. Some people consider them “dialects” because they have some similarity; other recognized them “languages” because they are not communicable.
Anyway, Mandarin is the official language and spoken by almost all citizens. It’s also the language officially promoted for foreigners.

What is Chinese Character?

Chinese Character is a writing system for all Chinese language and used by ancient East Asian countries. It’s called “Hanzi” in Mandarin, “Kanji” in Japanese, “hanja” in Korean and “chữ hán” in Vietnamese. As it can represent both meaning and sound, there is no problem to be adopted to other languages. Although each character express mainly a meaning, most of the Modern Chinese words are composed of two characters.

What is Traditional Chinese? And Simplified Chinese?

We have to note that both of them are writing system rather than different (oral) languages.
Traditional Chinese has its origen from about 3000 years ago. Although there is a wide variety of its graphics, it was standardized in the beginning of the last century. On the other hand, Simplified Chinese is collected from some different writing types and standardized by PRC.
Traditional Chinese is used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. (note: Hongkong and Macau use it for Cantonese instead of Mandarin)
Simplified Chinese is used in Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia.

Which one is Viaprende sharing with you?

Viaprende’s Mandarin course is based on Taiwan accent and Traditional Chinese with Pinyin.
However, we also provide Simplified version for each post with Pinyin for Mainland accent. (If you are preparing HSK, please take this one.)